Monastery Blend Coffee is roasted and bagged immediately in silver foil bags (12 oz.) with special valves that ensure freshness for months. Our beans are hand selected in small lots and slow roasted, making sure the aroma and flavor and color is perfect.


Christmas Blend 


Made famous by our battle with Starbucks some years ago (they'd trademarked "Christmas Blend"), this wonderful seasonal blend of Arabica beans is perfect for drinking around the hearth.

Available October through December.


Abbot's Choice 


This, the superior's personal favorite, is a dark French roasted, full bodied, no-nonsense coffee comprised of the finest beans from five South American countries. This coffee is all roasted in a process that produces one of Seattle's finest coffee. Low in acid.


The Promised Blend  


The flavor and aroma of this Colombian coffee, light roasted, is the perfect blend to share with family and friends. You'll have them all coming back for more. Low in acid.


Deacon's Decaf 


This blend provides enough flavor to stimulate even the most challenging of tastes, yet without caffeine. Many people report this to be the finest decaffeinated coffee the have ever tasted.   




One bishop referred to our Byzantium as the "best Greek style coffee produced in America." This coffee comes ground to a fine powder required for boiling in the traditional Briki commonly used in Russia, Greece, Asia Minor and the Holy Land. Traditionally boiled with a little sugar added, this blend is light-bodied and sweet, the very style of coffee made famous in America by local Greek Festivals. Low in acid.


Organic Shade-Grown French Roast 


Dark roasting showcases smooth, rich and full coffee flavors. This coffee celebrates the links between sustainable agriculture, habitat for migratory birds, and a great cup of coffee. Low in acid.


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